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A few miles Mansilla de las Mulas, following a trail of small trees planted in rows along the road, you arrive at Villamor Mansilla, a town close to Villarente Bridge, situated on the river Porma.

The last enclave, which has one of the longest bridges all the way (20 arches to save the river) has been remodeled at different times due to continuous flooding of the runway.

Before coming to Leon Arcahueja have to go through and get the Alto del Portillo, which overlooks a panorama of the city. After passing through the old district of Puente Castro, separated from the city by the river Torío, the pilgrims enter the traditional neighborhood of Santa Ana, then ascend the Baker Street to pass the church of Santa Maria del Market, next to the Plaza del Grano, where the pilgrims' hostel of Mothers Carbajal.

In Leon, a visit to the Cathedral of Santa Maria de Regla, a singular work of Spanish Gothic. Surprised and fascinated by its colorful and beautiful collection of stained glass.

The Basilica of San Isidoro is one of the great landmarks of the Way, with its Royal Pantheon, considered as the Spanish Romanesque Sistine Chapel because of the rich ornamentation of its frescoes. The Cup of Dona Urraca, Peñalba Cross and the ark of San Isidoro are some of their medieval treasures.

Hostal El Monasterio de San Marcos is another mandatory stop. It is a building erected plateresco between the sixteenth and eighteenth centuries it was jail, hospital for pilgrims and now stands as one of the Paradores more personality throughout the country.

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Monasterio de San Miguel, Mansilla de las Mulas
Monasterio de San Miguel, Mansilla de las Mulas
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