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Leaving Frómista and continuing along the path of the Camino de Santiago Palencia, you get to field population, local place names faithful to the district in which located: Tierra de Campos. In this town, the chapel of San Miguel, a thirteenth-century Romanesque church that surprises with its nighttime illumination.

From Villarmentero Revenga de Campos and Campos, the Way leads to the next location plays a major role in the way, precisely because of its "name", Villalcázar of Sirga (sheath into old Castilian meant way). Its church of Santa Maria la Blanca, the thirteenth century, transitional Romanesque church has a facade of ornamental and keep wealth inside an image of the Virgen Blanca. The same of which Alfonso X El Sabio tells made up to twelve miracles. It also stands the Chapel of Santiago, illuminated by a large rose window, which houses the tombs of the Infante Don Felipe, the son of Fernando III El Santo and Dona Leonor Ruiz de Castro, his second wife.

On leaving this town, the next pilgrim is expected to Carrión de los Condes, home of the Marquis of Santillana, which was the most important town of Tierra de Campos. There is the Romanesque churches of Santa Maria de la Victoria (also called the Way) and Santiago.

But undoubtedly, the building that identifies the location with the Way is the monumental monastery of San Zoilo, on the outskirts of the town, which currently have become a resort.

Do not forget that in this place is the Centro de Estudios del Camino de Santiago, with a large collection of documents open to pilgrims, historians and anyone wishing to expand knowledge on the pilgrimage route. From its extensive library have drunk the great scholars of the Way, now internationally renowned.

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